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MidiNotate - Music Notation Software - FREE TRIAL

MidiNotate - Convert MIDI files to sheet music

Why pay for the sheet music when you don't have to; MidiNotate will convert a MIDI file to sheet music for you in seconds. An excellent piece of software that we recommend highly.
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Digital Ear - WAV to MIDI Converter - FREE TRIAL

Digital Ear - WAV to MIDI

Wanna create a MIDI file but you can't play an instrument? You don't want to type in the tune note by note? Then use Digital Ear, and just hum or whistle the tune in. Digital Ear can turn any monophonic WAV file into a MIDI file, it can even easily cope with those awkward pitch bends.
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Quartet X2 Music Studio - Complete MIDI sequencing Software - Free Trial

Quartet X2 Music Studio

This is a nifty piece of software. Forget expensive hardware or MIDI to WAV coversion programs, this MIDI sequencer has all the instruments built in, and can output your compositions (or MIDI file) directly to WAV or MP3.
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MID Converter - MIDI to WAV Converter - .95

MID Converter - MIDI to WAV

MID Converter is an easy-to-use program designed for converting your multiple midi files easily with one click of a button. With this midi converter you can convert MIDI to  WAV, MIDI to MP3 and MIDI to OGG. The program also can convert between midi formats.
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Convert MIDI files to sheet music. Free download. Convert WAV to MIDI files. Free Download.

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