Searching the Internet for a Certain MIDI File
Some search engines that let you find a specific MIDI file on the Internet.

Christian MIDI Files
Hundreds of free Christian MIDI Files available from Christian Web Resources.

Harmony Central®: MIDI Tools and Resources
A wealth of MIDI resources - documentation and articles, building MIDI interfaces, writing software, sources of MIDI files, free classifieds, links to manufacturers, and more

mfiles - free music files and notes: Sheet Music, MIDI and MP3
Free music files to download, including MIDI and MP3 for classical music, original music and other styles. Sheet Music can be printed or played online using Sibelius Scorch. Browse Reference material, CD reviews, biographies, notes and examples relating to Composers, Classical music, Film music and Soundtracks.

Featured Software:

Convert MIDI files to sheet music. Free download. Convert WAV to MIDI files. Free Download.

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