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Wanna find out what MIDI files other MIDIsite users are searching for? This list is automatically reset at the begining of each month. The search terms are links to the MIDI search results page.

Search TermsNo. Of SearchesNo. Of Results
larry groce180
rockman 21887
select 9755 from select count concat 0x716a6b7a71 select elt 9755 9755 1 0x716a7a7071 floor rand 0 2 x from information schema character sets group by x a 180
marilyn mansonselect dbms pipe receive message chr 119 chr 76 chr 118 chr 117 5 from dual 180
marilyn manson union all select null null null null null null hgau180
ann wilson186
mike reno181
almost synth voice182
dj sasher180
papillon klaudia180
mot rhead180
eagles qnovale180
a sorta fairytale183
white eagle and select 9120 from select sleep 5 letj and 7068 7068180
sorta fairytale183
aerosmith and 9686 9686 iflk180
yeoii aaeii auionoeo iaioadu inaiuth180
el cohclo180
queen break free1830
ali a bass boosted intro180
pirates victory song180
shes a star184
dont play your rock and roll to me180
smoke get 1882
sweet by 18609
drivers license180
synth voice electric bass pick 1850
time travel189
grand illusion mid1825
the black keys1819
blue eyes18243
leona mid1822
dewa cinta185
all the stars18113
dr bad boon180
luke comb180
incoming blast180
in your 18722
white eagle and select 2037 from select sleep 5 nldd and rkje rkje180
the fields behind the plow180
stolen child eric whitacre180
let me down slowly180
how does a moment last forever180
but ifclose your eyes union all select null null null null null null rijb180
1 and 7132 7132 and iraf iraf180
happy birthday and 2423 4303 and cxpn cxpn180
eagles rlike sleep 5 wsdh180
aerosmith and 1987 select case when 1987 1987 then 1987 else select 9111 union select 7665 end rxfz180
happy birthday and 5631 5631 and 180
select case when 3534 3534 then 3534 else 3534 select 3534 from information schema character sets end 180
eagles and select 3038 from select sleep 5 zkxp and tjrq tjrq180
tell me whos girl are you180
praise to the lord the almighty1824
1 and 4631 3187180
mind trick181
case when 5698 9605 then 5698 else null end 180
but ifclose your eyes and 8484 select 8484 from pg sleep 5 and 9147 9147180
but ifclose your eyes and 6446 6446180
eagles and select 3038 from select sleep 5 zkxp 180
but ifclose your eyes and 6446 6446 ueif180
but ifclose your eyes union all select null null null null null fwpp180
pokemon 1880
eagles rlike sleep 5 and ilyn like ilyn180
jean michel jarre oxygene 41820
the living18476
riding on the l n1715
monkey race expert170
livers delay170
elden beasty170
our god is a great big god170
the best of me david foster171
happy birthday union all select null null null null null null hgjq170
om jai 170
if paradise is half as nice170
oi nuanou oiau iiooaaou170
happy birthday and 6204 9716 and 170
volksfest in ukraina170
aerosmith and 9748 select 9748 from pg sleep 20 and xnax xnax170
happy birthday and 4550 select 4550 from pg sleep 5 and jcma jcma170
aerosmith and select 3972 from select sleep 20 itel and kjsz like kjsz170
wi fi d link170

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